Choice Connections Senior Housing Advisors have extensive knowledge of senior housing which allows us to save families valuable time, stress and mistakes.   Because we are a community-based service, Choice Connections New York has extensive knowledge of the local senior care industry.  Choice Connections New York offers you experienced consultants that are familiar with each community’s ability to accommodate various needs, the amenities offered and the range of cost for each.  Our senior housing advisors examine and evaluate each facility for their ability to accommodate a variety of needs: location, apartment size, special diets or any specialized need such as injections or wound care, diabetic care etc.… There is no need for a family to visit a community that is not medically or financially appropriate.  Our team of experienced, compassionate senior care experts will help you explore and understand the most appropriate care and funding options.  Choice Connections New York offers you guidance that will give you the information you need to make an educated decision so your loved one can find the perfect place to call home.

What is Choice Connections?

Choice Connections New York is a FREE senior housing advisory service.

One size does not fit all when it comes to living arrangements for seniors.  Naturally seniors want to stay in the privacy and comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

However, there comes a time when more assistance is needed.   When that time comes, the search for a senior care community can be overwhelming.  Finding that “perfect fit” home that meets health care needs and lifestyle takes patience, energy and most importantly, time.  Independent Living Community, Assisted Living Community, or Memory Care Community, how does one choose?

As a FREE service, Choice Connections New York will offer guidance through an emotional and often confusing process.  Our senior care consultants will work with seniors and their family members on a one-on-one basis to identify specific needs and narrow the options to the most appropriate homes.  The consultant will schedule tours and assist throughout this transition.

Don’t wait until a crisis occurs to consider your options.  Plan ahead and begin your search early so when the time comes, a well-informed decision can be made.  Mistakes can be expensive and dangerous.

Although the decision to move can be emotional and difficult, it can also lead to a safer environment and a higher quality of life for the senior and their families.   Our senior care consultants can assist you or your loved one to choose the perfect place to call home.

What type of services does Choice Connections New York provide?

Choice Connections New York senior housing consultants have an extensive knowledge of the senior housing market.  We work diligently with families to help them find a community that best fits their healthcare and lifestyle needs.  We work together on a one-on-one basis to help identify specific needs and narrow the options to the most appropriate homes.

Our services include:

Needs Assessment-In our first conversation we listen to understand you.  Understanding your individual preferences, healthcare needs and finances are essential in order to narrow the search to find the “perfect-fit” home.

Exploring Options-We save you time by guiding you through the maze of housing options available, creating a list of senior communities that meet your needs and preferences.  In addition, we provide information on all funding sources and help you access other programs or services in need.

Referrals  & Tours-Based on our detailed knowledge of all the options, we discuss this list with you and agree on the short list to tour.  We do all the arranging, keeping your contact information confidential. Our dedicated senior advisors will provide a checklist to help you compare the options.

Choosing Your Home-After you have had an opportunity to visit various communities, we help you sort through all the information.   We answer questions and compare costs and amenities so you can arrive at the best decision.

Transitioning-As your advocate, we help you find resources you may need to ensure a smooth transition.

Follow Up-Our compassionate senior advisors will follow up with you after you have moved, to ensure you are settling in.

Why use a Choice Connections Senior Housing Advisor instead of an Internet referral service?

Unlike some web-based directory services, Choice Connections is a personalized service.  We have expert knowledge regarding the details of housing options in your area.  We work with you and your loved one in making recommendations that are medically and financially appropriate.  We accompany you on tours of each community and take the time to review your concerns and answer your questions.  Choice Connections New York will work with families and offer all funding sources available such as the Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Pension or Reverse Mortgages.  We can also make recommendations to other senior services such as eldercare attorneys when appropriate.

All of our senior care consultants are bound by a code of conduct and ethics and will always make the appropriate recommendation to your family and loved one regardless of payment source.  We always do what is in the best interest of our client.

How do I know which community is best for my loved one?

Choice Connections New York works diligently with families to assist them in looking at all viable options to accommodate their loved ones long term care needs.  The pros and cons of each community are discussed in detail to help make the appropriate decision and placement.

How can a Choice Connection Senior Housing Advisor provide this valuable service at no cost?

Our consulting services are free and a family is never charged for the help and assistance they receive.  The fees paid to Choice Connections are made by the various communities we work with.  Whether we give an hour or many hours of help, there is never a charge to the family.

How do I know if my loved one requires an independent or assisted living community?

Independent living communities are appropriate for individuals that are independent and do not need help with activities of daily living (i.e.: bathing, dressing, eating etc.…).

Many independent living communities offer communal meals, transportation services and activities both on site and out in the community.  Many offer laundry and housekeeping services.  These communities offer various social opportunities in a communal setting.

Assisted living communities help those individuals that require assistance with some or all activities of daily living as well as medication management.   Assisted living communities have their own licensing.  Services offered by assisted living communities vary greatly.  We know what services each community offers and how well they do it.  Choice Connections New York can help assist seniors and their families examine various communities and explore all possible options.

Are Assisted Living services covered by insurance or Medicare?

Medicare does not cover assisted living communities. Almost all are paid by private funds.  There are a very few that are covered by Medicaid and have a few Medicaid beds but most communities are private pay.   Long-term care insurance does pay for assisted living and is a wonderful option to help pay for care.

Choice Connections seems like a great service, how do I get started?

The first step in our process includes an initial in person consultation and detailed needs assessment.  During that meeting we will discuss in detail your care needs and finds viable options to meet those needs.  We will work closely with you to determine how best to meet your requirements and assist you to help you make the right choice.

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