Types of Care

Understanding the types of care available in senior living communities.

There are many different types of senior living and senior care communities and they all have various specialties and financial requirements. When exploring various options, its important to understand the differences between the types of communities in order to make a decision that meets your needs both medically and financially.

Assisted Living

If a senior needs personal care, an Assisted Living Community or Adult Home may be their best option. These communities are licensed by the NYS Department of Health and provide assistance with daily living while also encouraging a resident’s autonomy and independence. They provide caregivers in the building 24 hours a day seven days a week, and develop individual care plans for each resident. Some resident may need a large amount of care, while other need very little

There are many different types of communities. Some provide a studio apartment only; others have one or two bedrooms and other options available.

An Assisted Living or Adult home will provide three meals a day, housekeeping services, transportation to doctors and scheduled activities, laundry and linen service and assistance with personal care and medication management, if needed. These are included in the monthly rent. Some communities separate the care charges from the base rent, but it is paid together as a monthly fee.

The cost of assisted living varies greatly depending on many factors such as location, size of apartment and care needs.

Assisted living is generally less expensive then nursing home care in the same geographic location. Fees vary state-to-state and region-to-region. A Choice Connections New York senior living advisor will know the current rates of each home and will be able to help you determine which community may fit your budget as well as care needs

Independent Living Communities

Independent Senior Housing apartments range in pricing and amenities. Most apartments require a resident to be of a certain age and that can vary from community to community. These communities provide a safe residential environment that are equipped with amenities such as handrails in the bathroom and 24/7 emergency call systems.

Independent living communities do not provide their residents with any personal care, such as assistance bathing or dressing, but may have other amenities included in their rent that assist seniors with their activities of daily living. Some of these these amenities might include meals, transportation to doctors and grocery stores, cleaning services and activities. Some senior living communities have none of these amenities and some have all of the amenities listed.

Before you start your search for an independent living community for your loved one, ask yourself a few key questions about what you are looking for, what you need to know, and what your ideal outcome would be a year after move-in. How will you evaluate the cost of living in an independent living community and how will you make the distinctions between price and value. Always contact a Choice Connections New York senior advisor. Our service is FREE and we will walk you through the maze of senior housing options and personally guide you every step of the way.

Alzheimer's & Demetia Care

Sometimes referred to as a Memory Care Community, a memory care environment is designed for persons with a level of impairment making it unsafe for them to stay at home or live in an assisted living, but who do not require the intensive care of a skilled nursing facility. Memory care provides a safe, secure, environment where a senior with dementia receives the specific care that they need. A choice connections advisor will do thorough needs assessment and help you determine whether your loved one is in need of this type of care. Most seniors in memory care have a high level of cognitive decline. Many within these communities might be considered a risk if they do not have a secure environment.

Care plans for each resident within a Memory Care community may include assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming; incontinence care and medication management

Pricing for a memory care community is usually higher then an assisted living due to the higher level of staffing and care. Prices also vary depending on location and level of care and can be confusing.

Choosing the “best fit” senior community can feel overwhelming. A Choice Connection New York senior advisor can help alleviate some of the stress and worry of choosing the right community. We will work hand in hand with you through the decision making process until your loved one is safe and well cared for in their new home.

Nursing Home Care

Skilled Nursing Facilities are generally reserved for individuals needing long term skilled care or to provide short-term rehabilitation services. Nursing home care provides the highest level of care, outside of hospitalization. A licensed physician supervises each patient’s care and medical professionals are always on site. Typically residents in these facilities need skilled nursing care and personal care. Their care needs are beyond what an assisted living can provide. Nursing homes may also provide physical and occupational therapy and may have a dedicated rehabilitation center in the nursing home.

Enhanced Care

Enhanced Assisted Living Residences provide all the amenities of traditional assisted living, but are licensed to provide additional care. Enhanced assisted living licensure provides additional levels of service and care for those who might need services such as transfer assistance, diabetic care, incontinence care or special diets. Each community is allowed by the Health Department to determine which types of enhanced services they offer and those services will vary from one community to community. We take a thorough Needs Assessment to determine if a senior may need enhanced care. If the senior does need enhanced care the Choice Connections New York senior advisor will only direct you to the appropriate community or communities.

There are different pricing structures in Enhanced Assisted Living Residences. Some have a basic rent and the care one receives is billed separately. Others are “all inclusive” pricing and care is included in total cost. Again, your Choice Connections Advisor can help you find the right financial fit if Enhanced Assisted Living is needed.

Choice Connections New York will save you time and energy when you are looking for Enhanced Assisted Living.

Services that our Senior Housing Advisors provide to Local Families

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Whether you are looking for help with Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care, the search to find the “perfect fit” home has never been simpler and our service is FREE!

Caring Local Experts

As a community-based service, Choice Connections New York has extensive knowledge of the local senior care housing options, allowing us to save you time and stress while identifying the options that best meet your loved one’s needs.

Personalized Assistance

Personalized assistance is Choice Connections New York’s trademark. We will save you time by guiding your family through the complexities of senior housing options. Choice Connections New York will help you find the most appropriate home options for your loved one’s needs.

Choice Connections New York senior housing consultants have an extensive knowledge of the senior housing market. We work diligently with families to help them find a community that best fits their healthcare and lifestyle needs. We work together on a one-on-one basis to help identify specific needs and narrow the options to the most appropriate homes.

Our services include;

Needs Assessment-In our first conversation we listen to understand you. Understanding your individual preferences, healthcare needs and finances are essential in order to narrow the search to find the “perfect-fit” home.

Exploring Options-We save you time by guiding you through the maze of housing options available, creating a list of senior communities that meet your needs and preferences. In addition, we provide information on all funding sources and help you access other programs or services in need.

Referrals & Tours-Based on our detailed knowledge of all the options, we discuss this list with you and agree on the short list to tour. We do all the arranging, keeping your contact information confidential. Our dedicated senior advisors will provide a checklist to help you compare the options.

Choosing Your Home-After you have had an opportunity to visit various communities, we help you sort through all the information. We answer questions and compare costs and amenities so you can arrive at the best decision.

Transitioning-As your advocate, we help you find resources you may need to ensure a smooth transition.

Follow Up-Our compassionate senior advisors will follow up with you after you have moved, to ensure you are settling in.