Enhanced Care

Senior Living SolutionsEnhanced Assisted Living Residences provide all the amenities of traditional assisted living, but are licensed to provide additional care. The New York State Department of Health provides the licensure for all Adult Home, Enriched Housing, Assisted Living and Enhanced Assisted Living Residences in New York State.

Assisted Living and Enhanced Assisted Living will provide three full meals daily plus snacks and beverages and transportation to doctors and shopping; they will also clean the apartment and do the laundry, both personal clothing and linens. They both provide activities both in and outside the community as well as staffing in the residence 24 hours a day. Both types of residences provide personal care, such as assistance with bathing or dressing and medication management.

An Enhanced Assisted Living Licensure provides a licensed Assisted Living with additional levels of services and care for those who may need services such as transfer assistance, diabetic care, incontinence care or special diets. Each residence is allowed by the Health Department to determine which types of enhanced services they will provide. For example, one Enhanced Assisted Living may choose to provide special diets, such as thickened liquids, while others chose not to offer that service. Choice Connections advisors know these differences within the Enhanced Assisted Living Residences. We take a thorough Needs Assessment to determine if a senior may need enhanced care. If the senior does need enhanced care the advisor will only direct them to the appropriate community or communities.

An Enhanced Assisted Living Residence may have all or some of their apartments designated as enhanced. For example, a community may have 50 apartments and 25 of those may have a resident who has enhanced care needs.  Others may have all apartments designated as enhanced. A resident may enter an enhanced community without enhanced care needs, but if that resident does need enhanced care, it is available. This provides for “aging in place” and helps reduce or even alleviate the need to move to a higher level of care community or nursing home. This is a very important consideration which your Choice Connections Advisor can help you consider.

The Cost of Enhanced Assisted Living

There are different pricing structures in Enhance Assisted Living Residences. Some have a basic rent and the care one receives is billed separately. Others are “all-inclusive” pricing. This means that the care and the basic rent are not separated. One resident may have more care needs than his neighbor, but the cost would be the same for both. Some seniors prefer to know the cost up front regardless if their needs may change, while others prefer to only pay for their specific care plan. Again your Choice Connections Advisor can help you find the right financial fit if Enhanced Assisted Living is needed.

Choice Connections will save you time and energy when you are looking for Enhanced Assisted Living. Give us a call today!