Senior Living SolutionsFinding the right home for your loved one is one of the most important and difficult decisions a family member makes.

It is important to spend time visiting each community numerous times as well as spending time talking with staff and residents.


Listed here are important factors that you may want to consider when evaluating any community.  If you have questions or need some guidance, feel free to contact us anytime

  1. Safety & Security-Safety and security are always important factors to consider when making any move. Consider the following issues when evaluating potential communities:
    1. What do you know about the neighborhood?  Is is safe?
    2. Is there an alarm system within the community?
    3. How much staff is there? What is the resident to staff ratio?
    4. What does a resident do in the event of an emergency?
    5. Is there staff there 24 hours and particularly licensed staff?
    6. Are there grab bars in all the bathrooms?  Pull cords for emergencies?
    7. Do they have a fire alarm system?  How often is it checked?
    8. Is there a plan in place for emergency evacuation?
    9. Are the hallways, rooms and apartments wheelchair accessible?
    10. How is the medication management overseen?
    11. Is the staff licensed to do medication management?
    12. Are background checks done for all staff hired? 

      Choice Connections New York encourages you to request most recent state inspection record and any other pertinent licensing information.

  2. Future Needs-Moving for anyone is very challenging.  However, multiple moves for a senior needing additional care can be quite traumatic.  It is important to consider your loved ones’ care needs and if there are additional services offered in the community as their health care needs increase.Some communities offer a “continuum of care” offering independent living, assisted living and nursing home care within one campus.

    Other communities have the ability to offer enhance medical care or memory care within the same building.

    1. What factors should be considered if moving from one care level to another?
    2. If higher levels of care are not offered at the facility, can outside providers be brought in ie: private  companions or aides?
    3. Under what circumstances if a resident asked to move? READ the agreement fully  and understand the conditions upon which a resident may be asked to leave.
  3. Staff & Management-The environment of any community is essential.  The attitude and openness of staff when taking care of your loved one is critically important. Factors to look at include;
    1. Is it a welcoming environment when being in the community?
    2. How does the relationship between residents and staff appear to be?  Warm and friendly?  Respectful?
    3. Does the staff appear to be available to residents?  Do they interact with them?
    4. Does the staff appear to listen to residents and hear their requests? Answer their questions?
    5. Does the community offer staff training and offer continuing education?
    6. Is the Executive Director available to residents and open to meeting with you and your family?
  4. Food and Nutrition-Food offering are very important to residents. Dining room services are social gatherings and food options make a much more positive experience.
    1. Is there a variety of food options offered?
    2. Do they have a nutritionist on staff?
    3. Are the dining times flexible?
    4. Are guests allowed in the dining room?
    5. Can requests be made for specific foods?
    6. How are special dietary requirements met?
    7. Can a resident have meals brought to their room?
    8. Are fresh fruits and vegetables served?
  5. Activities-Communities that are busy and active ofen have happy residents. Ask for an activity schedule upon your visit to see the activity offerings of the community.
    1. Is there an Activities Director on staff?
    2. Are there activities that would interest you?
    3. Are the activities well attended?
    4. Are faith based outings offered?
    5. Is there a library on site?  Computers available?
    6. Are there pets on the premises?  Are pet visits allowed?
    7. Is socialization encouraged?  Are there public areas to socialize such as lounges or outdoor patios?
  6. Cleanliness and Maintenance-A clean community is very important and makes a world of difference to the residents. Take an overall look at the community to observe the cleanliness.
    1. Is the community well kept and odorless?
    2. Are the grounds maintained?
    3. Is the community kept up and small details attended to?
  1. Personal Services-It is important to find out during your tour the details about what specific personal services are offered.
    1. What specific personal services are offered?
    2. Do they offer incontinence care?
    3. How do the current residents look?  Do they appear well groomed and clean shaven?
    4. Do the residents appear well taken care of and dressed appropriately?
    5. Do the residents look like appropriate housemates for your loved one to live with?
  1. The Fine Print-Review the entire housing agreement carefully. Ask questions about anything you are not clear on and make sure you understand everything.
    1. What is the monthly rate?
    2. Is a deposit or entrance fee requested?
    3. Does the monthly rate go up yearly due to inflation?  What percent?
    4. Are there any additional fees?
    5. Is the deposit returned when the resident moves out?
    6. When and how may you terminate your contract?
  1. Trust Your Instincts-Were you comfortable on your tour and was the staff welcoming? Follow your instincts and first impressions are important.
  1. Feel free to contact your local Choice Connections office.
    Whether you are looking for an Assisted Living, Dementia Care or don’t know what to look for, Choice Connections can help you.  Our team of compassionate senior advisors can help you explore and understand what the most appropriate care and funding options are . We work with our clients and guide them every step of the way.